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Caroline is a phenomenal person and musician and a consummate professional. When you’re working with her, she’s focused completely on you and the music you’re working on. She’s attentive, dedicated, a great communicator, laid-back and will work with you to get better at your instrument. I highly recommend Caroline as a musician and a teacher!

Rose B.

Caroline Browning played bass in my band for three years. Aside from being a phenomenal bass player, her knowledge of musical theory really contributed to the musicianship of our group, and through her knowledge of music, I grew as a songwriter and we grew as a band to reach a more sophisticated level than we had before she joined. On top of all that she became a great friend and through that, a musical paragon that I rely on still today.

Jeffrey D.

Caroline has been a saving grace for both of my daughters since Covid-19 hit. I stumbled across her online (We are in Seattle.) She has worked with my 10 and 7 year old girls weekly and is amazing with their very different personalities and abilities. She is a music instructor who has really perfected teaching virtually and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. If you are looking for a rock star who also has her degree in music, she is who you need! I can't say enough great things about her.

Cheyenne T.

I’m just a fan.  But as a former traveling musician you develop a 6th sense in watching people work their craft. Caroline has a deft touch, refined musical skills,  on-stage cool, and a self assured stage presence. Studying with someone possessing such an array of talents is an open door of opportunity.  Walk in.   I’m just a fan.  But I’d hire Ms. Browning in a heartbeat.

And if you get the chance, you should  too.

Steve S.

Caroline is a dedicated and talented musician willing to put in the work necessary to meet and exceed expectations. She does so with a positive, upbeat attitude which makes her a pleasure to work with!

Chris W.

Caroline has been FANTASTIC with my 8 year old. My daughter is new to piano and Caroline stays so patient with her as she learns virtually. While my daughter is enjoying learning to play, I think its the time with Caroline that she enjoys more. Caroline brings a great energy to making piano fun and engaging. I would recommend her over and over again.

Chauntelle J.

I have known Caroline for years, and not only is she an incredibly talented musician, she's also a great person. She's worked with my daughter now for a year and has helped her to gain confidence in her guitar playing and nurtured her love for music. I couldnt recommend Caroline more!

Noah E.

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